Asbestos Personal Injury Defense

Matushek Nilles LLC has decades of experience in defending thousands of complex mass tort cases, including multi-party personal injury and property damage claims involving asbestos exposure.  We have tried asbestos cases to verdict in Cook, McLean and Madison County, Illinois, and have also been admitted pro hac vice for the defense of our clients in asbestos personal injury cases in the States of Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We apply our experience to reduce and eliminate future mass tort claims against our clients by strategically using new legal defenses, many of our own initiation.

We recognize the importance of making the appropriate record to establish case law precedent that is favorable to our clients that will reduce or eliminate future claims.  We have been successful on appeal in cases of first impression decided by the Illinois Appellate Court, including McIntosh v. A&M Insulation Co., 244 Ill. App. 3d 247 (1st Dist.1993) (the first application of the Illinois Construction Statute of Repose defense to asbestos claims against insulation contractors), and Leng v. Celotex Corp., 196 Ill. App. 3d 647 (1st Dist.1990) (prevention of the application of market share liability to Illinois companies). We were retained as amicus counsel on behalf of Illinois employers (ranging from international corporations to family-owned companies) in the Illinois Supreme Court in Folta v. Ferro Engineering, 2015 IL 118070, released November 4, 2015, where the Court held that it was the responsibility of the State Legislature, not the courts, to modify the language of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, and we helped restore the exclusive remedy defense to Illinois employers facing asbestos tort claims from their employees.

In an issue of first impression, we succeeded in upholding summary judgment on behalf of a corporate client in a household exposure case, and convinced the court that no legal duty was owed under Illinois law to a third party who was not present on the premises where our client's product was used. Nelson v. Aurora Equipment Co., 391 Ill.App.3d 1036 (2nd Dist.2009).